Malarone Cost – What’s the cheapest way to get malaria tablets? (Atovaquone: Proguanil)


9 Oct 2023

If you’re looking for the most affordable way to get malaria prevention tablets (Malarone, or Atovaquone: Proguanil) – this article is for you.

A few things to know:

  • • Malaria tablets can widely vary in price, depending on where you get them from.
  • • Be careful about unexpected price increases. Ideally, you should use a provider/clinic that shows you the price upfront.
  • • You’ll typically get the cheapest option by scheduling an online consultation – and having malaria meds shipped straight to you. 

Where do you find the cheapest Malarone cost (or regular malaria tablets in general)?

Instead of searching around and “price shopping” – we’ve outlined each one below (along with other factors you should consider as well.

Let’s dive into the top 3 options for getting malaria tablets – with the estimated price for each:

1 – Through Your Primary Care Physician

The “traditional” way to get a prescription for Malarone is through your primary care physician – although the price may be higher than you’d expect (often above $200).

This involves scheduling an in-person appointment with your doctor and discussing your travel plans. In many cases, they might not even be able to see you and suggest you visit a travel clinic instead. 

Keep in mind:

  • • With primary care, the price for Malarone can vary, and will sometimes get unexpectedly high.
  • • It can also depend on location, and whether you’re buying a brand-name or generic version. 
  • • The consultation cost is separate from the medication cost – and depending on where you go, the total cost may also be fairly high.
  • • In general, doctor’s appointments have a 24 day wait time (on average). You may need to schedule very far in advance.
  • • You’ll need to do multiple in-person trips, including the consultation and picking up the medication.

2 – Standard Travel Clinics & Pharmacies Offering Travel Health 

Travel clinics & pharmacies that offer travel health services may provide a convenient option for obtaining Malarone. 

A travel clinic physician will evaluate your health history, current medications, and the specific details of your trip (such as destination, duration, and activities) to determine if Malarone is the right fit for you.

However, the price often exceeds $200 as well (not including the cost of consultation!). 

Pharmacies usually have extended hours – and operate seven days a week, which could be beneficial for anyone with a busy schedule. 

Some potential downsides: 

  • • Just like primary care, the cost of the consultation and medication can be quite high – but it depends on the location and availability.
  • • Medication availability isn’t guaranteed. Travelers may find themselves scrambling last-minute for “the next best option” if a travel clinic or pharmacy isn’t stocked with malaria tablets.
  • • Pharmacy consultations are often conducted by general practitioners without the same depth of knowledge as a travel health physician. 
  • • This could potentially impact the quality of advice you receive about travel-related health concerns.

Once again, doctor’s appointments have a 24 day wait time (on average) – which often includes travel clinics.

3 – Online Travel Clinics (Cheapest Way)

These days, many travelers opt for online travel clinics – since they offer a fast & easy way to get travel meds (like Malarone) at the cheapest price – around $125.

Telehealth companies like Runway also provide $30 online consultations – normally cheaper than in-person visits. (You can do it right from home too.)

  • • You’ll discuss your travel plans, health history, and any concerns you may have from the comfort of your own home – with a US-licensed physician.
  • • Following the consultation, the prescribed medication is shipped directly to your doorstep – ensuring that you don’t face any stockout issues that often occur at travel clinics & pharmacies.
  • • The transparency of online travel clinics is another reason travelers often prefer this option. You get pricing upfront, which means you know exactly what you’re paying for – without any hidden or surprise costs. 

This transparency can give you peace-of-mind and help you budget effectively for your travel needs. 

Plus, you get to “skip the line” and avoid the 24-day average wait time for a doctor’s appointment.

In general, you might find this option more convenient (compared to in-person care). With just a few clicks – you can schedule your consultation, speak with a US-licensed physician, and have Malarone delivered to you. 

This saves time and effort, making it a great option for anyone preparing for travel.

Final thoughts on getting the cheapest cost for malaria tablets (Malarone – Atovaquone: Proguanil)

Now that online telehealth options are available, travelers normally prefer option #3 (using an online travel clinic) – especially due to cheaper costs and more convenience.

Knowing the price upfront can help with budgeting your trip – instead of getting hit with unexpected price increases on Malarone, a safe and effective way to help prevent malaria.

As always – best of luck on your travels, and stay safe!

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