Our standard prescription includes medication for 14 restful nights.

Traveling to different time zones often throws off your internal clock and disturbs the brain’s natural bedtime routine. From jet lag to travel stress, a lot can keep you awake. Hydroxyzine, a non habit-forming antihistamine taken before bed, can help you sleep, no matter which time zone you find yourself in. An FDA-approved way to say goodnight to insomnia. Use as directed.


A non habit-forming antihistamine taken before bed, to help you sleep, no matter which time zone you find yourself in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sleeplessness (insomnia) is a common sleep disorder that can make it hard to fall or stay asleep, or cause you to wake up too early and not be able to get back to sleep. It’s particularly common when travelling across time-zones, where you may still feel tired when you wake up and experience lower energy levels.

Stress: Concerns about work, school, health, finances or family can keep your mind active at night, making it difficult to sleep.

Travel: Your circadian rhythms act as an internal clock for all parts of you. Disrupting these rhythms can lead to insomnia. Common disruptions include jet lag from traveling across multiple time zones, working a late or early shift or frequently changing shifts.

Poor sleep habits: These can range from stimulating activities before bed, a new environment and blue light from screens (phones, tv, tablet, etc) before bed.

Eating too much late in the evening: Eating too much may cause you to feel physically uncomfortable while lying down as well as experience heartburn or indigestion which can keep you awake.

The right amount of sleep varies from person to person, but most adults need seven to eight hours a night. When you don’t catch your zzz’s, you might experience:

  • Difficulty falling asleep at night
  • Waking up during the night
  • Waking up too early
  • Not feeling well-rested after a night's sleep
  • Daytime tiredness or sleepiness
  • Irritability, depression or anxiety
  • Difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks or remembering
  • Increased errors or accidents
  • Ongoing worries about sleep

Minimize pre-travel stress (not always helpful advice, we know); pack travel accessories like pillow, sleep mask, earplugs, etc.

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