About us

As travelers and explorers,
we dare to dream.

We are explorers
by nature

We dare to dream, seeking out newness and adventure. Our travels take us to places unknown. We look out into the world, in hopes of finding ourselves.

But with all travel, there are times when your body is less prepared for the journey than you are.

That’s where Runway comes in.

Different ways
of life

We know the careful choreography that goes into planning a single trip. And we know how easily it can be spoiled by travel sickness.

Runway is your global wellness companion. We pair you with one of our US-licensed physicians before your travels, ensuring you have the proper medication and support you need while away.

New experiences

We clear the runway for takeoff, ensuring your health and wellness fly priority. We offer guidance throughout your trip until you’re safely home.

We help you travel without compromise.

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    Runway offers travelers like you, the medications you may need before you go.