How to Get Malaria Pills for Travel (Without Overpaying)


27 Oct 2023

Malaria prevention is vital for travelers, but it often feels like a complicated and pricey hassle. 

In this article, we’ll cover how to get malaria pills for travel – without getting stuck with pharmacy stockouts, appointment delays, or overpaying.

The Traditional Process for Getting Malaria Meds

1) In-Person Consultation

A prescription for malaria prevention meds (like Malarone) typically involves:

  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Often dealing with long delays
  • Paying high fees – sometimes beyond $300 total

As we discuss below, there’s an option for online travel care, which helps you avoid these downsides.

2) Prescription Pickup 

In the standard approach, you need to wait for your prescription to become available, and drive to pick it up.

However, travelers may encounter issues when picking up malaria prescriptions from brick-and-mortar pharmacies. 

Stock shortages can lead to delays and inconvenience – especially during high-demand periods, or simply when random inventory issues arise.

3) Higher Costs of Traditional Routes

Costly traditional clinics and pharmacies can impact your travel budget, making the whole process more stressful.

Thankfully, there are now cheaper alternatives to help you avoid overpaying.

Preferred Solution: Runway Health

In today’s digital age, online travel clinics like Runway Health provide an easy alternative – simplifying the process of obtaining malaria prevention meds like Malarone.

Getting Malaria Pills for Travel with Runway Health

Easy Online Consultations

With Runway Health, the process begins at your convenience – there’s no need for in-person appointments or searching around for a doctor.

Affordable Pricing

Comparing costs, Runway Health’s $30 fee stands in stark contrast to the $75-$150 charged by traditional clinics, making healthcare far more accessible.

Direct Prescription Delivery

Say goodbye to worries about stockouts, or the hassle of picking up prescriptions – Runway Health delivers malaria meds, straight to your door.

Using Runway Health: Simple Steps

1) Start Your Online Consultation

Initiating your online consultation with Runway Health involves a 5 minute online questionnaire, making the process simple and easy. 

This not only saves you time, but also eliminates the need for in-person visits or uncomfortable video calls,providing convenience right from your own space.

2) Getting Your Prescription for Malaria Pills

With Runway Health, getting your prescription is a breeze, and you can do it without the trouble of traditional clinic or pharmacy visits. 

When you connect with a travel physician online, you’ll have all your questions and concerns addressed – just like an in-person visit. 

It’s about making things easy for you, putting the control over your health directly in your hands.

3) Hassle-Free Shipment

Runway Health takes away the stress by delivering your malaria pills directly to your doorstep, if prescribed.

No need to worry about going to a pharmacy, or dealing with the hassle of in-store pickups.

Get online prescription with Runway

Runway vs. Traditional Clinics: The Numbers

  • Consultation Costs: Comparing Runway Health’s $30 fee versus the $75-$150 range charged by traditional options, it’s clear Runway doesn’t attempt to “markup” the consultation fee.
  • Affordable Meds: Runway Health not only saves you money on consultations, you also get Malarone at a significantly cheaper cost of traditional alternatives, which can go beyond $200.
  • Travel Health on a Budget: Given the already steep costs of travel, choosing Runway Health lets you prioritize your health without significantly hurting your budget.

Prioritize Malaria Prevention

Malaria preventive meds are recommended when traveling to endemic regions – but we would be irresponsible to leave out the basics.

You should always take the usual measures to avoid contraction too:

1) Wear More Clothes

Wear long sleeves and pants to cover up. That way, mosquitoes can’t reach your skin and pass on malaria as easily.

2) Insect Repellent

Grab some bug spray – especially EPA-registered repellent.

Apply on exposed skin and clothing, as mosquitoes can bite through thin fabric. Remember to follow the product instructions for optimal protection.

However, while insect repellents can significantly reduce the chances of being bitten, they are not 100% foolproof. They should be combined with more preventive measures for optimal protection against malaria.

3) Staying in Screened & Air Conditioned Areas

Pick places with AC and screens for where you crash. Mosquitoes hate cool air, and screens add a bonus layer of protection. 

These insects prefer warm and humid environments, which are typical in tropical regions where malaria is common. 

By lowering the temperature and reducing the humidity with air conditioning, you can make your immediate environment less attractive to mosquitoes.

According to Stanford Medicine, a mosquito net can help too.

Final Thoughts on Getting Malaria Pills for Travel 

When you need a fast, easy and more affordable way to get malaria meds – Runway Health is your go-to option. 

Prioritize health without overpaying, and explore Runway Health for a worry-free travel experience.

Remember – you can’t enjoy your travels without proper health. Runway makes safeguarding it easy. Travel smart, travel healthy.

Get online prescription with Runway

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