Runway Health Joins Forces with battleface to Expand Pre-Departure Travel Health Support


17 Jun 2024

[June 17, 2024] – Runway Health, a leader in direct-to-consumer telehealth services specialized in travel health, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with battleface, a provider of innovative travel insurance solutions. This collaboration is designed to enhance traveler awareness and access to essential pre-departure health services.

Through this partnership, battleface customers will receive targeted information and access to travel health resources, directly within the post-purchase phase of their travel insurance process. This initiative will highlight how travelers can benefit from Runway Health’s comprehensive telehealth consultations and tailored treatment plans, ensuring they are well-prepared for their travels with physician support, necessary medications and health advice.

“We are thrilled to partner with battleface, as this collaboration aligns perfectly with our goal to make travel health a fundamental part of the travel planning process,” said Josh Rome, Founder & CEO of Runway Health. “Integrating our services within battleface’s customer journey allows us to reach travelers at a crucial time, ensuring they have access to the best health preparation before they embark on their journeys.”

battleface is renowned for its customer-centric approach to travel insurance, offering tailored insurance products that meet the unique needs of modern travelers. By incorporating Runway Health’s services into their offering, battleface reaffirms its commitment to providing customers with a holistic travel preparation experience.

“Partnering with Runway Health enables us to enhance our commitment to customer well-being and travel readiness,” said Clay Coomer, Global Head of Marketing, battleface. “Runway’s expertise in travel health is a perfect complement to our suite of travel insurance solutions, providing our customers with an invaluable resource for their health and safety abroad.”

This partnership marks a significant step forward in ensuring that travelers have seamless access to all necessary resources, making their travel experiences safer and more enjoyable. Both Runway Health and battleface are committed to empowering travelers with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of international travel health confidently.

About Runway Health, Inc.:

Runway Health is a leading direct-to-consumer telehealth platform, specializing in travel health. Founded to streamline access to pre-departure healthcare solutions, Runway connects travelers with licensed physicians across all 50 states, simplifying the process of obtaining prescription medications and vaccine support for travel across the globe. For more information, visit

About battleface:

battleface offers innovative travel insurance solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s travelers. Developed by a team of global travel insurance experts, battleface provides a range of products with enhanced coverage for worldwide travelers. For more information, visit


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