Runway Health Partners with Insured Nomads to Enhance Traveler Health


7 Mar 2024

[March 7, 2024] – Runway Health, the leading provider of direct-to-consumer telehealth services specialized in travel health, has announced a strategic partnership with Insured Nomads, an innovative insurtech company offering comprehensive health and travel insurance solutions. This collaboration aims to introduce Runway Health’s services to the Insured Nomads’ community, providing improved access to pre-departure telehealth consultations and essential medications for their travels.

As part of this partnership, Insured Nomads travelers will benefit from Runway Health’s platform and offerings, including personalized physician consultations to create tailored treatment plans for their upcoming journeys. By leveraging Runway Health’s telehealth services, travelers can prevent and proactively address common travel ailments such as malaria, motion sickness, traveler’s diarrhea, altitude sickness, nausea, and jet lag, ensuring a healthier and more enjoyable travel experience.

“We are excited to partner with Insured Nomads to empower travelers with the tools and support they need to stay healthy while exploring the world,” said Josh Rome, Founder & CEO of Runway Health. “Our collaboration will bring greater awareness to the importance of travel health, ensuring the Insured Nomads’ community is better prepared for every adventure.”

Insured Nomads, known for its commitment to providing peace of mind and protection to travelers, sees this partnership as a significant step towards enhancing its offerings. “At Insured Nomads, we strive to support our customers at every stage of their journey,” said Andrew Jernigan, Co-founder & CEO of Insured Nomads. “By partnering with Runway Health, we can now offer our policyholders access to pre-departure healthcare services and medication solutions, further reinforcing our commitment to traveler well-being.”

Through this partnership, Runway Health and Insured Nomads aim to improve access to healthcare services, enhance the overall travel experience, and provide additional peace of mind to travelers. Both companies remain committed to delivering innovative solutions and empowering travelers to explore the world safely and confidently.


About Runway Health, Inc.:
Runway Health is the leading direct-to-consumer telehealth platform specialized in travel health.  Founded with a vision to streamline access to pre-departure healthcare solutions for travelers, Runway seamlessly connects travelers with licensed physicians across all 50 states, simplifying the process of obtaining prescription medications and vaccine support for travel across the globe.  From pre-departure consultations to doorstep delivery of prescribed medications, Runway ensures that travelers embark on their journeys better prepared than ever before.

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About Insured Nomads Corporation:

Established in 2020, Insured Nomads has become an award winning, insurtech/traveltech provider of international health, medical and travel insurance, assistance and travel risk management memberships. Operating from the start as a fully remote and globally distributed company they serve the modern company, international educational and humanitarian organizations, banking, travel and hospitality industry with custom built and embedded solutions for affinity partners. The commitment to protecting people goes beyond the policy and the member with the business as a mission, social impact purpose for protecting those vulnerable and exploited in human trafficking and modern day slavery.

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