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A Runway consultation costs a fraction of a travel clinic and our medications are priced below average retail pricing. You are only charged if prescribed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t know what you need or are simply seeking physician support to answer your travel health questions? Initiate a consultation to connect with a licensed, US based physician for chat based care. Based on your specific travels, your physician can provide medication recommendations and travel health support, no matter the destination.

A Runway consultation is intended to complement, not replace, your primary care physician relationship. It’s important to always keep your primary care physician up to date on any new medications you intend to take.

Runway does not accept insurance. While each insurance plan is different, many insurance providers do not cover medications or vaccines related to foreign travel. Similarly, Medicare does not cover any vaccines or medicines for foreign travel.

A Runway consultation will connect you with a US based physician for chat-based care to answer any of your travel health related questions. Your physician can suggest medications based on your specific itinerary.

Medication needs are determined by your physician and not included in the cost of a Runway consultation. Medication costs will vary depending on your specific treatment plan as provided by your doctor. You are not required to purchase any medication as a part of your consultation.

Each consultation includes access to chat-based care before, during and after your travels.

Runway consultations are specific to each traveler. We are happy to support families and groups, but each traveler will require their own consultation.

You are not required to have a trip booked to initiate a Runway consultation.

Runway supports travelers aged 13 and older.

Runway Health is focused on providing exceptional travel health care, and we work exclusively with a team of US-based, board-certified physicians from top-tier universities dedicated to ensuring that travelers have a safe and healthy journey.

Alongside a team of board-certified physicians, Runway has crafted an online questionnaire based consultation that replicates those questions you may typically be asked at a brick-and-mortar travel clinic.  You may initiate this online consultation 24/7 without the need to schedule a live visit.  Upon reviewing your consultation, your physician may reach out to you via our secure, HIPAA compliant chat portal if they require any additional information. Similarly, should you have any additional questions for your physician, you may contact them for chat based care before, during or after your travels.

After your online consultation, your physician will complete their initial review within 24 hours; however, in many cases this is completed in just a couple of hours.

If you’ve been waiting longer than this, please email and we’ll take care of it.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with details to track your shipment.

Orders are shipped every day except for Sunday and are typically processed within 1 business day after your order has been approved by your physician.


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