Avoiding Malaria with Prevention Meds:

Here Are The 4 Ways Travelers Escape "Dreadful" Clinic Delays & Price Hikes


8 September 2023

These days, most travelers consult a doctor for anti-malarials.

(To help prevent contraction in high-risk areas – like Africa, Asia and South America).

But travel clinics often leave you stuck with:

  • Long clinic delays
  • Pharmacy “stockouts” 
  • Unexpected price hikes

Many travelers can’t even locate a travel clinic either – due to limited access.

Here are 4 ways travelers can avoid this:

1) Use An Online Telehealth Provider

This allows you to “skip the line” and connect with a doctor from anywhere – for a consultation on your own time & schedule.

No need to go anywhere, you can do it right from home.

Plus, you don’t have to search around for a doctor. That’s the beauty of remote telehealth.

2) Have Meds Shipped Directly to You

When prescribed – a telehealth company will ship medication to your doorstep.

There’s no risk of stockouts or unavailability.

Travelers love this, because it removes that pesky “doubt & uncertainty” in the back of your mind – wondering if you’ll get the meds you need.

It’s 2023, you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

The downside – you need to do this further in-advance, before you leave.

We recommend an online consultation at least 1 week before you depart.

3) Unlimited Chat-Based Care w/ A Doctor

Certain telehealth companies (like Runway Health) provide access to a doctor after your meds arrive too.

Have any questions? Not sure about something? 

A physician is available to chat with remotely – before, during, and after your travels.

Travel clinics & primary care won’t offer this.

4) See Pricing Upfront (No Surprise Costs)

With travel clinics & primary care… pricing is often uncertain.

This especially frustrates travelers – once they’re hit with a shockingly-high bill.

It’s another reason to use a telehealth provider – you get 100% transparent pricing.

The exact cost beforehand.

And since it’s done remotely, the prices are often lower – typically around $30-50 for a consultation.

See pricing for telehealth care ➜